Year-over-year statistics for Denver County. Is home supply catching up to buyer demand? Long-term rates rising will affect the buyer pool. Are home ...View Details

Home prices are retreating. Rates could potentially rise with the Federal Reserve Board set to make a change this month on short term rates and they m...View Details

Home prices are retreating but are mortgage interest rates doing the same? More home supply gives buyers more selection they have had in years. Longer...View Details

Due to the high prices of most areas' buyers are scanning across cities and across the country to other states looking for more affordable options to ...View Details

With markets shifting due to more housing inventory, higher interest rates, affordability being an on-going issue, and inflationary pressures high wha...View Details

Inflationary pressures are real. Mortgage rates seemingly in a constant state of flux and affecting buyer affordability. More housing inventory enteri...View Details

Affordability remains an issue with rising interest rates and rising home prices. What markets are people going towards to offset this trend? How is t...View Details

More housing inventory is hitting the market. Rates could potentially climb higher. What does this mean for sellers and buyers? How does this affect y...View Details

The stats change from county-to-county, but this gives a full overview of the state. How do we fair year-over-year? The comparison to single-family to...View Details

With interest rates rising combined with home price increases, more buyers are being shut out of the home buying experience. What happens next? What v...View Details

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